Immuno Booster
Immuno Booster
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Immuno Booster

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Immuno Booster is a comprehensive formula that nutritionally supports immune health by strengthening the body’s natural defenses.


  • Provides comprehensive immune defense
  • Enhances overall immune health



Immuno Booster


· Vitamin C- is a water-soluble vitamin that plays a vital role in supporting the body’s immune system by fighting free radicals due to it providing highly potent antioxidants. The body does not produce or store vitamin C on its own, that’s why it's important to always take a vitamin C supplement.

· Zinc- serves many functions in the body like supporting immunity, enzyme function and wound healing.

· Elderberry- is another top formulated ingredient to help enhance immune support. Elderberry comes from berries and flowers that are extremely high with vitamins and antioxidants that promote the growth of the immune system. Many research scientists also believe that elderberry can help ease cold and flu-like symptoms

· Selenium- plays a key role in the metabolism and acts as a powerful antioxidant

· L-Lysine- is a top essential amino acid that has been shown to help fight cold sores (HSV-1) by blocking arginine an amino acid linked to the spread of HSV-1. L-lysine can also promote wound healing by producing more collagen and may reduce anxiety by block stress response receptors by slowing down the production of Cortisol.

· Chinese Ginseng Root Extract- There have been several studies linked to Ginseng decreasing the number of severity colds in adults. This specific type of Ginseng has an active ingredient called ginsenosides that have been linked to possibly boosting the immune system and lowering blood sugar levels.

· Oregano Leaf Extract- There is a compound found in the plant Oregano called Carvacrol. Carvacrol has been shown to stop the growth of several types of bacteria and have antiviral effects. Studies have shown this specific compound can defend against toxins and support a healthy immune system.

· Green Tea Leaf Extract- EGCG is an active ingredient found in green tea that has had various studies concluding that EGCG can support the immune system due to its powerful ability to increase the number of regulatory T cells.

· Olive Leaf extract- hydroxytyrosol is a compound found in olive leaves that has shown studies of being effective defending against microbes (disease-causing) and certain viruses linked to respiratory infections. The compounds found in olive leaves may enhance the human body when fighting invading organisms.

· Garlic Bulb Powder- Supplementing garlic has been known to boost the function of the immune system due to garlic containing compounds with highly potent mechanical properties. There was a 12-week study conducted showing a daily intake of garlic in supplement form to reduce the number of colds by 63%.

· Astragalus Root Extract- is an herb and has been around for centuries performed by ancient Chinese medicine. Astragalus contains antioxidants that defend cell damage while building the immune system. This specific herb has been used to treat colds and upper respiratory infections.

· Echinacea Pupurea- is a flowering plant from North America related to the sunflower. Echinacea Purpurea has been shown to increase the number of white blood cells in the body that are responsible for helping fight infections.


Serving size: 2 capsules

Servings per container: 30


    • Vitamin C 200 MG

    • Vitamin D 20 MCG

    • Vitamin E 20 MG

    • Vitamin B6 10 MG

    • Vitamin B12 50 MCG

    • Zinc 10 MG

    • Selenium 50 MCG

    • L-Lysine 250 MG

    • Chinese Ginseng Root Extract 50 MG

    • Astragalus Root Extract 50 MG

    • Echinacea Pupurea Root Powder 50 MG

    • Elderberry Fruit Extract 50 MG

    • Garlic Blub Powder 50 MG

    • Green Tea Leaf Extract 50 MG

    • Olive Tea Leaf Extract 50 MG

Other ingredients: Methlycellulose Capsule, Organic Rice Powder


Contains no added yeast,sugar,salt,starch,corn,wheat,gluten,dairy, or artificial colors or preservatives.