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Leaky Gut

Cellular Inflammation is the root cause of all disease


Intestinal permeability, or “leaky gut” is a condition in which the lining of the intestinal tract becomes damaged and more porous over time. In the setting of this acquired “leakiness”, bacteria, viruses, undigested proteins and other pathogens pass through and encounter the immune tissue located in the intestinal lining. Through a process called “cellular mimicry”, the immune system recognizes structural similarities of these invaders to our own organ tissue such as the thyroid, pancreas or connective tissue. This is often the root cause of many autoimmune conditions. Chronic inflammation, which often begins with a “leaky gut”, is thought to be the underlying cause of most chronic health conditions.

Common Symptoms

  • Acid reflux, bloating, gas, food intolerance
  • Chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema
  • Weight gain, or inability to lose weight
  • Autoimmune conditions

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Treatments to Discuss with Your Practitioner

  • Protocols to heal your “leaky gut”
  • Specific dietary recommendations for your individual condition
  • The role IV nutrition can play in your recovery
  • Genetic testing to develop a blueprint of your healthy future