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Cellular Inflammation is the root cause of all disease

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates (2400 BC)

  • Hippocrates said this well over two thousand years ago. It remains the single most important statement made regarding the relationship between your Health and the immense influence you have over staying healthy. Proper Nutrition is in your control and the food you eat combined with the appropriate supplements is critical to optimal health and disease prevention.
  • Unresolved cellular inflammation is the root cause of every disease in mankind.
  • Inflammation can be quite tricky. We need some inflammation to defend us against microbial invasion and allow us to heal from physical injuries; however, if we cannot turn off the inflammation in time, it can attack our whole body making us gain weight and develop a myriad of all chronic diseases much earlier and cause our bodies to age faster.
  • Controlling inflammation can Resolve and Repair broken cells.
  • At the cell (molecular) level, ALL chronic diseases are caused by unresolved cellular inflammation, which the body does not detect until it is severely inflamed. This happens because the body has blocked the natural healing process of controlling low level inflammation when it first begins.
  • New research on cell biology and genetic (DNA) testing has enabled us to personalize nutrition and control and reverse chronic inflammation.
  • The duration of one’s healthspan, a measure involving quality of life not simply years of existence, depends on this constant balancing act of creating and resolving inflammation.
  • The gene transcription factor NF-κB is a genetic master switch that starts the inflammation process. NF-κB kickstarts the pro-inflammatory eicosanoids. These eicosanoids promote the intensity of inflammation along with inflammatory cytokines IL-1 and IL-6 (interleukins) and TNFα (Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha).
  • The body’s internal resolution response is controlled by diet.
  • Resolvins are hormones that turn off inflammation.
  • Resolvins also help the body kill and clear both bacterial and viral infections.
  • Finally, the gene transcription factor AMPK promotes the repair of the damage caused by the initial inflammation and inhibits NF-κB.
  • This allows an optimum healing response on a regular (hourly/daily) basis.
  • Chronic diseases develop from longterm blocked resolution of initial insult caused by constant poor diet, alcohol use, elevated glucose levels, smoking, tress, drug use, unhealthy cooking oils, sweeteners, additives and fillers in food items, and mitochondrial dysfunction.
  • Consequences of chronic diseases and visceral fat that secrete inflammatory poisons (cytokines and eicosanoids) disrupt both the innate and adaptive immune system. This leads to premature aging of cells. This then can also lead to cancer.
  • Diseases typically characterized by aging cells are atherosclerosis lesions in the heart, COPD, liver and kidney failure, neurological diseases, Alzheimer’s/dementia, diabetes mellitus, obesity, age related macular degeneration.
  • Consuming therapeutic levels of Omega fatty acids and polyphenols with a standard diet is difficult fatty fish has potential toxins (heavy metals, polychlorinated biphenyl or PCBs). This is why there is a need for a highly refined and purified concentrate of Omega-3 fatty acids and polyphenol extracts to achieve the needed concentration to generate adequate levels of resolvins as well as to activate AMPK to complete the Resolution Response.
  • This complex process causes the healing of inflammation. Thus there must be a constant balance of low glycemic index diet, proper levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, and optimal amounts of polyphenols.

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Disease Resolution – Nutrition by Testing, Not Guessing

The Resolution Response is a highly complex process governed by metabolic hormones and genetic mediation via gene transcription. When supervised by an Inflammation Physician, a patient can reverse and resole chronic diseases. The symphony allows the aging cells to eliminate and regenerate new cells. This can help the progression of any age-related chronic disease associated with aging.

However, this non-pharmaceutical nutritional intervention needs to be highly personalized and precise based on specific advanced blood work and DNA testing.

Testing for Inflammation

Inflammation presents in multiple ways in the body. Specific testing strategies can be used that are convenient and effective ways of measuring inflammation sna dinfection and creating benchmarks for positive progress. At the beginning of a treatment plan, these tests should be repeated every 3 months and then shift to an annual basis when beginning the maintenance phases. Some of the major inflammation markers we test are triglyceride/HDL ratio, arachidonic acid and EPA ratio, and glycosylated hemoglobin.

  • Nutrigenomic (Testing for DNA markers)
  • Cardiometabolic Testing (Testing for insulin resistance and markers of inflammation and infection)
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity Testing
  • Hormone Testing (To understand how the body is currently processing hormones and which pathways they are taking in order to create balance and guard against cancer)

How can you avoid cellular inflammation and aging?

  1. Eat a low glycemic index diet.
  2. Increase resolvins and AMPK.
  3. Increase intake of antioxidants.