From the beginning...

As a little country girl in India I would play alone all day in the jungle barefooted and wearing a simple frock wandering aimlessly without supervision. I believe this sense of freedom and being one with nature allowed my brain to develop without boundaries and to be filled with wonders, always looking for more in what God created.

It was my brother that discovered my level of intelligence and my gift in sciences that he brought this to my fathers attention. My brother was in Medical school at the time and told my father that I should become a doctor. This was not customary in my culture. Instead, it was expected that a marriage would be arranged and I would have children and maintain a household.

Fortunately my father, a very respected and successful business man, listened and gave me the chance to study medicine. In India only the very top students are given the chance to become doctors, the level of competition is immeasurable. My mother would wake me at four in the morning to begin to study. She would actually feed me so that I did not have to take time away from my studies. My entire focus was studying. I am a certifiable nerd. To this day I am very passionate about reading and learning. I sleep surrounded by books and medical journals.

The health of people became my passion. I started my first practice in a small one room hut on the streets of India. As an OB/GYN resident I moved to Saudi Arabia with my husband, also a doctor, and our infant daughter where I practiced for seven years. We knew that for the safety of our children coming to America was best for us. It took years of hard work and determination to make that happen.

First arriving in Chicago, now with two small children, I began my residency to
become an Internal Medicine physician in the United States. I made that happen
while pregnant with our third child. My journey has led me to be the Medical
Director at the St. Lucie county jail, on staff at Sebastian River Hospital and
eventually I opened my own practice in Sebastian 20 years ago. I have grown that first 1000 square foot office in Sebastian to a beautiful 10,000 square foot medical office complex with an amazing staff of over 25 people.

This diverse career path has given me incredible insight into the lives of people, how their health is effected by their surroundings, their life choices, and the foods they eat. After 30 years I practice medicine because I love people and want to make a positive change in their lives.

My life and my career path took a drastic turn 15 years ago when my son Andy was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. The devastating diagnosis included the news that his colon would be removed and a colostomy bag could become a part of his life. I stopped practicing medicine for a while and became a research scientist determined to find the root cause of his disease and find a way to prevent the surgery and for him not to have to take medications with unhealthy side effects. I found the answer! And so began the next phase of my medical career.

The answer to Andy’s disease was inflammation of the cells caused by the foods that he was eating. Sounds simple right? And actually it is.

The root cause of most every disease, including most cancers and chronic diseases is inflammation of the cells which prevents required nutrients from being properly absorbed and processed by the body. This results in the opportunity for disease to develop. “Now how do I reverse this process in my son. I must find the way.” My continued research led me to discover that the answer was in highly purified, high dose fish oil and sound nutrition. This incredible natural supplement would forever change the way that I practice medicine and as a result improve the lives of countless people by reversing diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, respiratory issues, digestive issues, and weight management. The list is endless. The results in my patients is nothing shy of miraculous. Autism and other neuro-degenerative disorders can be preventable by controlling inflammation in the gut and giving high dose Omega-3 fish oil to pregnant mothers. My theory was viewed as “snake oil and hocus pocus”. I withstood the skepticism from my colleagues and the comments both to my face and behind my back that I was way out of line. I knew that I had truly discovered the answer and I would not be deterred.

In medical school we are given only a few hours of education on nutrition, most of that I discovered was useless information. The remarkable actions of high quality fish oil combined with other high quality supplements reversed Andy’s diagnosis. He did not require surgery. Today he is a healthy, successful man with a career in financial management.

The fish oil that was on the market at the time did not meet my standards. And sadly to this day the same holds true. That has led me to formulate my own brand of fish oil that is certified and consistently receives a 5 out of 5 star rating from IFOS, International Fish Oil Standards. Free from mercury, lead, PCB’s and other toxins that are found in most brands of Omega-3 fish oils on the market. The fish that provide the oil for my product comes from Norwegian waters. Safe from the effects of radiation that is now being tested for in fish from the waters surrounding Japan.

My quest continued as I am determined to provide only the highest of quality products for my patients. I have formulated an extensive line of products that are essential to optimize the reversal and prevention of disease. These same products are taken every day by my staff, my family, and myself. When I began this part of my journey I too was overweight, 170 lbs size 16. Today I am size 4-6. What began as my desperate need for answers and a cure for my son became my passion and my commitment to humanity. And that is to never stop researching and finding the ways to naturally heal and provide prevention of devastating illnesses for mankind. My life has been greatly blessed, it is my honor to give back to humanity in every way that I can.


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Andy's Story

My mother not only gave me life she saved my life.

As a teenager my focus was on fun and food. That came to an abrupt halt.

Finding blood in the toilet was terrifying. And then I had to tell my parents, both of whom are physicians.

This became a life changing event for my entire family. Upon hearing the diagnosis of ulcerative colitis, that it would be necessary to remove my colon and a colostomy bag would be attached to me for the rest of my life sent my mother into a tailspin. She could not accept that this would be happening to her son. Because of who she is it wasn’t long before she was entirely focused on finding the cause of this disease. She figured it out. No surprise to me. Proper nutrition and high quality Omega-3 fish oil and polyphenols was the answer, no surgery and no bag.

How do you thank someone for that? My ulcerative colitis was caused by inflammation of the cells brought on by the foods that I was eating. Normal American teenage consumption of pizza, burgers, fries, soda. Those foods became a thing of my past. Not long ago while on vacation I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to stray off of the eating plan that had worked so well for so many years. What a mistake! And of course my mother had told me this would happen.

Lesson learned Mom.

My mothers unrelenting determination lead her to discover not only the cause of most major diseases she also discovered the way to reverse and prevent most of the diseases that plague our society.

My mother, Dr. Deepti Sadhwani, is incredibly devoted to humanity. It is said that all things happen for a reason. It seems that the reason for my diagnosis changed the course of her medical career and thus she has helped and healed countless patients.

Because of her love and determination I am a very healthy, happy man.